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Pub Initiation

Our newest family member had been with us for three days so we decided there was no time like the present to introduce him to ‘The Pub’. At this point I would like to mention that young Buck is not fully vaccinated so was never placed on the ground, and did not leave our arms or laps.

Buck eagerly awaiting his first pub visit

We wanted to socialise Buck with the big wide world as soon as possible to ensure he is a well-adjusted and confident dog….and most importantly, used to pubs! Paradoxically, we were restricted to do so due to vaccination protocols, and had to avoid our new friend coming into contact with unvaccinated/unhealthy dogs or their nasties!  (For more information about canine vaccinations and protocols please click here).

First we attempted to have a drink in the JD Wetherspoons pub The Imperial as they have a beautiful and spacious beer garden. Unfortunately dogs are prohibited even in the outside spaces due to company policy, however their staff were more than happy to point us in the direction of a dog-friendly location.

The ‘Impy’ picture from Exeter Uni

The Mill on the Exe is situated close to St David’s train station and is just a short 5 minute walk from Exeter City Centre. Dogs are welcome in the multiple bar areas and are even offered a treat and a bowl of water on arrival. Outside, the river Exe runs past the foot of the beer garden providing a beautiful place to spend a sunny afternoon with friends and family.

Mill on the Exe interior

We were pleasantly surprised by the selections of local ciders available including norcotts, Sandford Orchards and my favourite, Cornish Rattler . Outside seating is plentiful with both shady and sunny options. Buck was not too enamored by all the sitting and talking, and soon fell fast asleep on the multitude of laps who wished to say hello.

Mill on the Exe gardens


Mill on the Exe interior and exterior www.realspin.co.uk

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