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Killerton Classic Car Show – National Trust

Red Beetle

Car shows are one of those events in the Jackson-Ford calendar that we try not to miss. They offer the best of both worlds; cars and manly man-company for Joe, and for me a walk around a field with the dog, meeting other dogs and occasionally stopping at a fast-food van.

It was the first time we had been to Killerton Classic Car Show and it did not disappoint! The Killerton House Estate is a National Trust owned house and gardens which offers some fantastic dog-friendly walks throughout the year. We attended their Cider Festival last winter, and were up for seeing what else these grounds had to offer.

Dukes car Dukes rear end

‘This Dukes of Hazard replica gained  lots of attention – I wish it came with Johnny Knoxville included’

Due to it’s location in the small Devon village of Killerton, the country lanes appeared to struggle with the volume of traffic headed towards the show. We managed to accidentally enter the estate from the quieter side of Killerton past Buck’s Doggy Day Care, where we ended up skipping the massive of queue of cars approaching from the ‘Broadclyst road’.

The weather was absolutely glorious and this always makes attending a car show a little more bearable for me and Buck. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good gawp at a car and sometimes I even pretend to know a little more and take pictures (of which you will see throughout this blog). But my knowledge unfortunately ends at reciting general makes and models, and my opinions usually relate to the colour.


‘If Brum had an older brother’

So we parked up, directed by several stewards looking a little sweaty and overheated, and queued for admission. We were one of those annoying couples who don’t consider drawing out cash for an event that is taking place in the middle of the field. Typically the card machine lost signal when processing my payment (a heart-in-mouth moment we’ve all felt when you could have sworn you had some sort of monies on your plastic card and the machine is clearly enjoying having a laugh at your flushed and terrified face) and we held up the queue for quite some time oops!

Once inside, but still outside of course, we looked ahead at the rows and rows of classic, retro, and frankly amusing cars and wondered where to start. Luckily we were joined by our super logical friend Laura who advised that we start at one end of the field and walk up and down the rows until we reach the opposite end….thank goodness we have Laura.

Blue Van

‘A very tidy V-Dub (I’m learning the lingo!)’

One thing that never fails to surprise me at car shows, is how slowly a man and his gentleman friends can walk while looking at and discussing cars. As soon as we started to move I remembered the shows from last summer, that slow, lingering walk, like skulking down a wedding aisle made of automobiles. Luckily for me I have the aforementioned Laura, Laura’s Mum Jo, and of course Buck to keep me company. Both Laura and Jo were familiar with the deathly ‘car show walk’ and were old hats at asking appropriate questions while keeping the pace moving.

MkI Escort

‘A Mk I Escort. I know this one!’

Despite my dislike for the sloth-men that our partners turn into, I did see some pretty fantastic cars of all colours, shapes, sizes and ages. Some of my favourites being a trio of Chevrolet pick-ups. I assume they are circa 1950s however this is a stab in the dark so please correct me if I’m wrong. Like a little kid attracted to the bright colours, I smiled to myself when I noticed the traffic light layout of the cars and thought they were definitely picture worthy.

Traffic Lights

‘Traffic Lights’

After a while of wandering and a few stops to offer Buck some water, the group grabbed a drink at one of the food vans. There were several options available including the usual festival food, but all appeared to be selling local produce and for reasonable prices which we very much liked. Sitting down next to the music tent we listened to the sounds of the Tiverton Town Band as we enjoyed our refreshments. I have to admit I became very excited when they began to play covers of Disney songs and preceeded to sing along with much enjoyment. I especially appreciated their rendition of the Pocahontas classic ‘Colours of the wind’. I mean who can’t resist a sing-a-long to that one?!


‘Yes I have put a picture of Pocahontas in a car blog’

Having my day completed by hearing Colours of the Wind at a car show, I was quite content to continue browsing at sloth-pace. We were headed towards the opposite end of the field to which we had started when I became increasingly excited. I suspect most women feel like this, but my joy when I realised we were heading toward the craft stalls was just too great to hide (Yippee!). It was my turn to adopt the sloth-like movements and abandon poor Buck with a rather anxious looking boyfriend.

There was a small selection but a nice variety of stalls on offer ranging from artwork, to jewellery, to pottery and so forth. Being the disciplined, controlled individual that I am I emerged from the craft area empty handed much to Joe’s relief, but did very much enjoy browsing the arts of local individuals.

Volvo Amazon Estate

‘Joe says this was the car of the show for him’

We had finished our lap of the field and viewed some awesome cars, listened to Disney songs, and browsed a small craft fayre. A complete Jackson-Ford day out and some good socialisation for the hound. Perhaps we shall head back next year with a stall of our own.


‘Buck with our ‘future classic’ Citroen AX’

Admission price: £10.50 including admission to the house and gardens

Postcode: EX5 3LE

Dog Friendly Areas: Surrounding fields and estate, Café, Car Show. Unfortunately no dogs in the house or immediate gardens.

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