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Bampton Springfest – Fun Dog Show

It was Saturday morning, the sun was shining, that can only mean one thing for a dog-mad woman like me….. it’s time for a local ‘Fun Dog Show’! Roll up Bampton Springfest.

Tiggs and Buck

We’ve not attempted a dog show since Buck was a tiny puppy and won the ‘best pup’ competition by default for being one of the only Puppies there.


He’s now developed into what I think, is a handsome man-hound, so when invited by our doggy friend Sarah and her rescue pup Tigger, we thought it was worth a go!

Me, Joe and Buck bundled into our tiny Citroen AX equipped with doggy water bowl, water, lead, harness, treats and an array of clothing to cover all British weather possibilities. We were headed to the small market town of Bampton which is around 8 miles north of Tiverton. The dog show was part of Bampton Springfest which had a varied range of events all over the town including duck racing, craft stalls, town trails and of course the dog show.

We met Sarah and Tigger and enrolled in our classes. Buck entered into the Most Handsome Male, Waggiest Tail, Best Trick and Fastest Bonio eater. Tigger enrolled in Best Trick, Best Crossbreed and Best Rescue.

Dog Show leaflet

Before the first class we let the pups off for a play in the hopes they will be the obedient, focused dogs that we’ve always dreamed of. Buck and Tiggs have met before, but previously they played it very cool and were somewhat aloof with each other. Today they were like two WWE wrestlers on a diet of Red Bull and Pro Plus, we just needed a Limp Bizkit soundtrack and some wigs to complete the wrestling mania.

STILL more playin‘I don’t know where Buck ends and Tigger begins’

WWE Wrestling‘Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’?!’

Our first class was called up. Sarah and Tigger performed a swift jumping into the arms trick which earned them 3rd place, and Buck showed off his spin in both directions, gaining 2nd. We were pipped to the post by a very nifty roll over, it was a very good……I don’t feel competitive at all…

Sarah and Tiggs then went in for best Crossbreed and unfortunately didn’t qualify for a prize. Although they didn’t win they were our favourite crossbreeds of the competition (Tigger not Sarah of course!).

It was lovely to see a wide variety of dogs including a Sharpei X Retriever and a Cocker X Springer X Lab, the same as Buck! N.B After a quick natter we established he was from a different litter of Buck’s parents. He went on to win Most Handsome Male so we feel as if we won by proxy.

Next was the round Buck had been waiting for, Fastest Bonio Eater! There were only 5 contestants two of which were bigger than Buck and I thought we were sure to lose. Now Buck can eat a bowl of food in around 30 seconds flat but I had doubts about his Bonio eating capabilities. I held the biscuit in my grip and gave him the nod. He was off to a flying start with only a few crumbs dropping to the floor, but wait! he’s lying down, ‘Don’t lie down’ I said under my breath, ‘Eat like you’ve never eaten before!’ It turns out the lying down position gave Buck the extra boost he needed to finish his treat. I felt very smug when glancing to the Retriever next door who had only taken a mouthful and decided a Bonio just wasn’t what he wanted right now. I knew a fatty Labradoodle had beaten us but felt a sigh of relief, and then a weird sense of pride, as the judge announced Buck had finished second. Well done my boy!

Buck rosettes

Sarah and Tigger were in for their final round, Best Rescue. Unfortunately we were unable to hear the rescue stories as the judge did not have a microphone, however there were some beautiful, happy looking dogs and some even happier looking owners. Not much is known about Sarah’s pup Tigger, but she rehomed him from the Blue Cross around two months ago, and although he has some separation anxiety, he is generally a happy, confident pup. We are so glad that he and Sarah have found each other. Tigger won 3rd in best Resue. Go Tiggs!

 ‘Me and Buck with our concentration faces on’

I’ll breeze over Buck’s entry for the waggiest tail class. He sat, he looked at me, he did not wag. In fact Joe, who was watching from the sidelines, said Buck had the enthusiasim of an Iron Maiden fan at a 1D concert. Typical, thanks Buddy.

Once the dog show was over both pups had a bash at the agility course. The members of Exmoor Dog Training Group  were more than happy to help us around the course and although we used bribes the whole way around, both Buck and Tiggs had excellent first attempts. I can really see how it would be a great way to build up a bond between you and you dog as you have to communicate effectively to get around the course. I would definitely recommend it to others and would love to have another go sometime.

Tigger Agility to

‘Sarah and Tigger having a bash at the agility course’

All proceeds from the dog show were donated to The Blue Cross Tiverton who have their own event on Saturday 25th June.

Here are a couple of shots of the boys with their winnings

Chilling with the winnings

Showing off their rosettes



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