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set up for making a bandana

Who makes Handsome Hound Bandanas?

All of our Bandanas are hand made in Devon, UK by me, Laura Jackson. I usually find time to make them inbetween the day job, and walkies with our Spaniel Buck.

How do they fit on the dog?

Handsome Hound Bandanas are designed to slip over the collar to avoid any extra ties or choking hazards to your dog. The ‘collar sleeve’, which your collar slides into, is 40mm in width so should encompass most collar sizes. If your dog’s collar is more than 40mm wide please let me know and I can alter my design to suit your needs.

What if my dog doesn’t wear a collar?

Do not despair! I am more than happy to make ones that use poppers, or ones to tie around your dog’s neck if you do not use a collar. Pop me a message at handsomehoundbandanas@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

What designs can I get?

We have lots of different designs and will always be looking out for funky new material to make more. I will also be doing special editions for holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. Unfortunately once a design has sold out we may not be able to get the exact pattern again.

What if I want a specific design?

If you would like a specific pattern or design (e.g dinosaurs, pink unicorns, or a specific colour) please feel free to email me your preferences and I would be more than happy to source something to suit your requirements. handsomehoundbandanas@gmail.com

Are they safe?

Your Dog’s collar simply slides through the sleeve in the bandana, so in reality if the collar is safe the bandana is safe. That said, as with any toys or clothing for dogs we recommend they are not left unsupervised while wearing a bandana.

Can I buy one for my cat?

The smaller bandanas may fit on a cat collar however due to the nature of most cats, we would recommend that they are supervised to ensure that they do not become distressed while wearing the product.

How long will it take for my bandana to arrive

As I handmake each bandana please allow 2-3 days to make the product, plus shipping time. If there is any delay, for example a requirement to order more fabric before I start making, I will contact you to let you know.


If you are unhappy with the Bandana or you think a different size might be better please contact me below and I will try to sort something out for you.

Medium sized Sugarskull bandana
Medium sized Sugarskull bandana

If you have a more specific question, just ask me below.